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Application For Mexican Wolf Presence Payments

This is the correct application form to submit for losses you incurred during the prior calendar year due to the presence of Mexican wolves near your livestock in New Mexico. The losses at issue with this form are losses from decreased conception rates, decreased weaning weights, extra costs you incurred to protect your livestock from Mexican wolves and livestock that you believe are missing due to Mexican wolves.

Application For Mexican Wolf Depredation Prevention Grant

The program is designed to provide funding for livestock producers that incur costs to their operations in the process of preventing or reducing interactions with Mexican wolves (e.g. transportation costs, range riders, fencing, etc.). This funding is intended to reduce livestock/wolf interactions. Applicants may be required to provide matching funds for the grant monies awarded. All applicants are required to provide reports documenting proof of the cost share as directed by the Board. An applicant authorizes the County Livestock Loss Authority, and its representatives, to enter property where loss prevention activities are being conducted.

Livestock Depredation Claim Form

County Livestock Loss Authority

Market Value, 3Q2023

County Livestock Loss Authority

Market Value, 1Q2024

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Our focus is on providing fair compensation for landowners, lessees, and livestock producers affected by wolf presence or depredation.
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