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Welcome to the County Livestock Loss Authority. We were established by the Boards of County Commissioners of Catron, Sierra, and Socorro County, and were created to ameliorate the disproportionate impacts of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program on the region. We replace the Mexican Wolf/Livestock Coexistence Council for processing livestock producer claims for Mexican wolf depredations and presence. The founding Counties have charged us with making compensation to livestock producers on a more timely basis and to compensate them more fully for the losses they sustain due to Mexican wolf depredations and presence.

Corresponding to that charge, we will also work to provide incentives to livestock producers and others to reduce livestock/Mexican wolf conflicts. The CLLA is accepting applications for depredations, payment for presence, and for preventative measures. Although formed by the three Counties, restitution will be available to livestock producers throughout the Mexican Wolf Experimental Population Recovery Area, which includes all lands in New Mexico south of I-40. The CLLA’s charge is subject to the availability of funding, which we will work aggressively to increase.

Making full restitution to livestock producers for Mexican wolf kills and injuries to their livestock and for the costs associated with Mexican wolf presence will not occur immediately. The CLLA does not have the funding yet to accomplish that. Due to grants from third parties, the CLLA does have certain funding available to implement conflict avoidance measures, including range riders, fladry, hazing, establishing protected calving/lambing areas, identifying grazing options on alternate locations permanent or portable fencing, and delayed calf turn-out.
Through our efforts, we hope to foster and promote the prosperity of our region's natural heritage and to build a sustainable and balanced ecosystem for generations to come.

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Our focus is on providing fair compensation for landowners, lessees, and livestock producers affected by wolf presence or depredation.
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